Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's Food - 2010/09/12

I do not EVER want to go back to that place of tallying every aspect of the calories I eat. It's a terrible habit that only results in constant lows and highs from minute fluctuations in daily intake. I try to detach from that sort of thinking and focus on the broad picture.

However, going into the Primal Blueprint I feel like I'm due for a day of observation. With or without intent I do still keep a general running number in my head every day, an estimate of what I'm eating, and every once in a while it's good to give that calculator a check-up. I'll be recalibrating today by keeping as exact an account as I can. This will also serve to give me a sense of how well I can hit the Primal guidelines by estimation, and what areas I should pay focus to. Much of what I eat comes without handy nutrition labels so this is about as good a summary as I can manage.

Today's Food:

1 cup organic, nonfat yogurt.
120 calories/0g fat/17g carbs/14g protein

1 nectarine
60 calories/0.4g fat/14.3g carbs/1.4g protein

Went out for a bit, got coffee, biked around town.

4 slices of bacon
120 calories/6g fat/0g carbs/8g protein

2 eggs
160 calories/10g fat/2g carbs/14g protein

1tbsp butter
100 calories/11g fat/0g carbs/0g protein

Biked to work

Leftover stirfry eggplant/onion/squash from last night, estimated.
300 calories/20g fat/20g carbs/2g protein ( from the olive oil )

1/4th of an acorn squash
50 calories/0g fat/12g carbs/1g protein

3 slices of turkey
50 calories/1g fat/3g carbs/10g protein

Biked home from work, then went out and did Tabata sprints.

170g beef patty
400 calories/30g fat/0g carbs/31.6g protein

Salad greens - 30 calories/0g fat/8g carbs/4g protein
1/4th an avocado - 60 calories/1g fat/3g carbs/0.5g protein
5 cherry tomatoes - 20 calories/0g fat/4g carbs/1g protein
Various sliced veggies - 50 calories/0g fat/10g carbs/0g protein
Feta cheese - 80 calories/7g fat/1g carbs/5g protein
7 sun dried tomatoes in oil - 40 calories/3g fat/3g carbs/1g protein
1 chicken thigh - 135 calories/9g fat/0g carbs/14g protein
1tbsp olive oil - 120 calories/14g fat/0g carbs/0g protein

And through the course of the day, two small cups of iced coffee with half and half.
80 calories/6g fat/2g carbs/2g protein

Daily Total:
Calories - 1975
Fat - 118g
Carbs - 99g
Protein - 110g

21 year old male
5'6" height
Very active

All and all I'm pleased. If today is anything to judge by, then I can hit the Primal mark fairly well when left up to my own devices.
Looking back on the day a couple things jump out at me. I am just barely riding the line of ideal carb intake at 99g. If the window is 50-100g of carbs a day, then it might be a good idea to ease back just a bit and take in more fat and protein instead.
I wonder if I actually ate enough today? Even if it's just barely, under 2000 calories is probably a low total. I felt fatigued at some points of the day, and I definitely did not have full energy for my sprints. Can anyone looking over these numbers offer some tips and nudges in the right direction?

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