Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Second Week


It's goddamn beautiful outside. Autumn weather is sinking into my town, and the air is smoldering with nostalgia for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite season; I feel like I've come home. I'm going to do a proper second week write-up even though I don't have any pictures or weight numbers to put up.

The Good:

*College is back. I'm a Theater major and I spend 30 hours a week with the same twenty people, and every one of them has told me how much I've changed over the summer. It's a great feeling.

*I still love food, so hard. I've been hitting up booths at the local farmer's markets for meat. I like to make conversation, ask about the farm, and have them recommend cuts to me since I'm a newb at anything more complex than chicken breast. I feel like it's expanding me.

*All my dietary/energy/physical changes are compounded on top of a TON of emotional fancy actor person work that I've been doing over the summer. Metaphysical, introspective bullshit to open up a more emotional, expressive, fluid side to myself. I'm enjoying life immensely right now.

*I am discovering my love for cooking all over again. It is one of the most peaceful, rewarding things I know.

*Oh hot damn, look at those calves.

The Bad:

*Old habits die hard. I'm still running numbers in my head and programming out my food/exercise in advance. I haven't been able to turn it off yet.

*I've only half succeeded in letting go of my over training issues. Still pushing myself pretty hard most days; I couldn't resist an hour long bike in the hills cardio session earlier this week. I did throw in some lulls and bursts of speed to keep it varied, and I really enjoyed the outdoors, so I'm considering it play/sprints.

*Binged this week, twice. Saturday I binged so super hard. It was 4000-5000 calories. OF COURSE I then deprived myself and went on IF for 18 hours, then didn't eat enough, so I binged AGAIN on Monday after ten hours of stressful class and not enough food. Lesson: It's called a cycle for a reason. I need to eat more!

Here we go with week three!

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