Sunday, September 19, 2010

Binge Recovery


*Binged my face off yesterday. Binged. My. Face. OFF. 4000+ calories.

*Felt atrocious. Absurdly full for the next ten hours. I ate nothing else, went to bed.

*Woke up and dragged my tired butt to the gym for some strength training.

*Came home from my workout and broke my ( 18 hours! ) fast with some bacon and eggs.

*Spent the next few hours on my feet doing errands.


I made stirfry from leftover steak and veggies.

*Spent the entire afternoon reorganizing my kitchen. It's actually a practical workspace now.

*I am stressed. I wanted to eat something rich and delicious. I made this:

Acorn squash with butter and cinnamon.
Berries and whipping cream.

*I could not figure out how to whip the heavy whipping cream. Next time.

*Going to work. Going to have some veggies and a big meatball from Whole Foods later on.

How's that for a recovery? I still feel bloated and pudgy from it, but I'll go for a bike ride tomorrow morning and probably get back to feeling great. This is still -way- better than it was back in my days of sugar/bread binges.

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  1. hi, just found your link on the MDA forum! (i'm Reamz) It's really good to see other young people interested in a healthy lifestyle (i'm 20) :)
    btw your meals look delish!