Monday, September 13, 2010

The first slip.

I am all about the plate of scrambled eggs in front of me right now. Eggs, egg whites, butter, fine cheddar cheese, and bits of turkey. It's my post workout fatty meal, and every bite is making love to my tongue.

I "Primal" binged this morning and felt like crap until a few hours ago. I tried making some almond flour and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, which, gluten or not, set me off on a quest to put things in my mouth. Bits of half completed almond butter balls, yogurt, a nectarine, two bags of dried cheesy kale, and a powerbar later I felt bloated and awful. All this food was Primal, but it was carbs.

I took that bad energy to the gym and channeled into an intense workout, now I'm here in front of my computer with eggs and a better outlook. In hindsight there was not nearly enough of the all important fats and proteins in my morning meal, and all the choices I made were less than idea foods that should be used sparingly and not compounded on top of one another. In the spirit of moving forward I'm taking this lesson, processing it for next time, and forgiving myself for not being perfect.

Mmm. Eggs.

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