Saturday, September 18, 2010

Binged. My. Face. Off.

I ( hopefully ) just finished my first huge bingeout since going Primal. I'm almost two weeks in, and I've been doing great. My hunger signals are so much clearer than they used to be, my energy levels are stable, and I haven't really overeaten at all.

This morning I woke up, had two eggs, two pieces of bacon, and a small amount of leftover salad from last night. A few hours later I went out, had coffee, and went for a short hike.

I was planning to get home and have apple/almond butter then wait a few hours and have dinner, but I just spent the last HOUR putting things into my mouth. Apple, walnuts, trail mix, goat cheese, yogurt, cauliflower mashed potatoes with cheese, HALF A JAR OF ALMOND BUTTER, eggs, bacon, dried apple, leftover greens in the fridge, and a raw food powerbar. 3000-4000 calories at least.

Sheesh, what a bummer. I don't feel so guilty as I did in my days of carb and sugar binges, but I'd still rather not have eaten a square foot of food. As a recovery attempt I'll be doing an IF from now until tomorrow morning, 18 hoursish.

Personal highpoint of the binge? When I took a few pieces of dried apple and smeared them along the pan to pick up bacon grease and butter.

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